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Church leaders and members experienced these challenges as they heeded the command to practice plural marriage and again later as they worked to discontinue it after Church President Wilford Woodruff issued an inspired statement known as the Manifesto in 1890, which led to the end of plural marriage in the Church.

Through it all, Church leaders and members sought to follow God’s will.

On HGTV, FIXER UPPER dropped 0.09 to 0.78, HOUSE HUNTERS fell 0.11 to 0.49, and HOUSE HUNTERS INTL was down 0.17 to 0.39. He has been Head of West Coast Research at ABC, then moved to NBC in 2000 and became Head of Scheduling for 11 years.

Williams is supposedly dating both Ashley Henderson and her girlfriend, Rece Mitchell.

In fact, the two ladies are supposedly girlfriends!

A few months ago, reports surfaced that Lou Williams was dating both Ashley Henderson (whom Williams calls “Blonde”) and Rece Mitchell (nicknamed “Brown”).

Religious Background The practice of polygamy in the United States officially began with the Revelation on Celestial Marriage made by the Church's founder, Joseph Smith, on July 12, 1843.19 The revelations came to Smith as "visions from heaven, evidences of angels."20 These visions were recorded and became the text of the Book of Mormon, one of the holy books of the modern Church.21 The text of the revelation encourages men who feel they have a celestial calling to take more than one wife to do so, and for current wives to submit to the practice.22 Critics of the Church assert that Smith was guided by sexual, rather than divine, urges to take on newer, younger wives well before the official revelation on polygamy in 1843.23 The Church community settled in Utah under the leadership of Brigham Young after an angry mob killed Smith while he was jailed for the destruction of the town printing press in Nauvoo, Illinois.24The mass exodus to Utah was motivated by a desire to inhabit a mostly unpopulated area so that the Church could govern itself.25 Young publicly endorsed the practice of polygamy in 1852.26 The number of polygamists continued to grow, but by 1896 the Church was effectively forced to renounce polygamy in order for Utah to finally gain statehood.27 Once the Church formally stated that it would no longer support the practice of polygamy, several splinter groups broke from the mainstream church leadership to continue their lifestyle.

The 2-hour premiere of MTV’s THE CHALLENGE was at 0.41/0.39. On TV Land, TEACHERS lost 0.05 to 0.13, and THROWING SHADE was up 0.02 to 0.08. § 76-7-101, § 3 of the Utah Enabling Act, and § 1 of Article III of the Utah Constitution. We therefore VACATE the district court's judgment in favor of Swensen on the merits of these criminal-prohibition claims and REMAND the case for entry of an order dismissing these claims for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Utah complied with this requirement, and, in 1895, a nearly identical version of this proscription was included in Article III of Utah's Constitution: The following ordinance shall be irrevocable without the consent of the United States and the people of this State: First:-Perfect toleration of religious sentiment is guaranteed. Plaintiffs subsequently brought a civil rights action under 42 U. The district court held that plaintiffs possessed standing to challenge the constitutionality of Utah's civil and criminal prohibitions against the practice of polygamy, as reflected in Utah Code Ann. After concluding that plaintiffs have forfeited any challenge to the constitutionality of Utah's civil prohibition of polygamous marriages, we hold that plaintiffs lack standing to bring claims against Swensen based upon the purported unconstitutionality of Utah's criminal prohibition of polygamy. Legislative Background In 1894, Congress passed the Utah Enabling Act, which demanded as a condition of statehood that Utah enact an “irrevocable” ordinance preserving the security of religious beliefs, but forever prohibiting “polygamous or plural marriages.” See Act of July 16, 1894, ch. 107, 108 (“That perfect toleration of religious sentiment shall be secured, and that no inhabitant of said State shall ever be molested in person or property on account of his or her mode of religious worship: Provided, That polygamous or plural marriages are forever prohibited.” (emphasis in original)). The constitutional prohibition of “polygamous or plural marriages” has spawned civil and criminal legislation. Some early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also received and obeyed this commandment given through God’s prophets.After receiving a revelation commanding him to practice plural marriage, Joseph Smith married multiple wives and introduced the practice to close associates.

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