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Now in year five, Riesgraf says the overall plotline will start to mimic the show-by-show structure. Then there's one that focuses more on the three of us - me, Hardison and Eliot - and you get to see us in action mode together, and it's really fun." In an interesting twist this season, the audience is starting to see what the villains see each week: unexpected character transformation.

"You've seen different sides of all the characters.

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But we all try to make sure that everybodys got a good, you know, attitude going on on the set because we all just want to do the right job and go home. And I think that, you know, she continues to compound on Parkers depth.

It’s a great example of the comedic chops this lady has waiting in the wings while she cries and cons on the TNT series. PW: Hopefully not too soon though, because I’m loving this season of “Leverage.” Especially that we’ve gotten to learn more about the character’s histories. I think a lot of fans have been wanting more backstory, so I love that we’ve been able to throw little bits and pieces in there without taking away from their individual mystery too much. PW: In the episode Luke Perry guest starred in, we learned a very traumatic secret about Parker’s past. PW: Between Jennie and “Twilight,” he must get asked so few questions actually about him! But now he’s got that massive Twitter thing happening, so he’s good. I’m not crazy about it, but it’s fun — I have a lot of friends on it.

Tonight the stellar second season of “Leverage” draws to a close with a major cliffhanger that leaves the fate of Parker (will she survive? Everyone should follow Ethan Suplee, he’s hilarious. It was such a spur of the moment thing, we literally wrote it in five minutes.

” I’m glad we could finally answer that for the audience ‘cause they’ve been waiting and I think they deserve that step. Beth [Riesgraf] called me one day while she was on set shooting.

But, it’s fun because it adds a new element to Hardison and Parker (Beth Riesgraf), as far as them being teammates, and then also as lovers. Were you able to develop any fun pet names for each other, over the season? Unfortunately, I missed the call, but she was like, “Hey, what do we call each other on set?

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