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" "We have been dating for four months." Louis spoke for the first time. "Actually, we have to tell you something." Zayn said. umm..." "We re dating." Zayn said completing your sentence. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IT' S GOING ON HERE? You saw Niall on the floor trying to avoid Harry's fists. " Louis: "I have to tell you something" you said as your younger brother looked confused at you and Zayn in front of him.

Well, since breaking free from the clutches of One Direction in March 2015, Zayn has been questioned on the matter a few times.Whether you believe in it or not, rumours about Harry Styles dating his One Direction band mate Louis Tomlinson have been around for years. I mean, I think people are always gonna speculate what songs are about, and I don't think I'd ever want to tell anyone but they're wrong, for feeling what they feel about a song. Neither Louis or Harry have ever really confirmed or denied the rumours, but it's become a bit of a taboo topic for them. Of course, when celebrities don't discuss stories about themselves, it usually means they don't want to bring any more attention to the rumours.Larries take this as proof Harry and Louis are somehow being pressured not to reveal their true feelings for each other - though it could be the case that any comments the lads make only add fuel to the fire, as everything they say gets taken waaaay out of context.

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