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The dietary addition of CPr lowered carcass dressing percentage and ash content of the breast meat.Interactions between the two examined supplements were observed in feed consumption, feed conversion ratio and carcass weight.One commonly held view was that the Japanese were evolutionarily inferior. a date which will live in infamy") Japanese culture was viewed with suspicion and even disdain.

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The NEH Grant will allow Heringman, Lake and other researchers on their team to investigate each print to learn more about the objects depicted, including their provenance and history as well as create a digital edition that will preserve and make those prints available to everyone.

Back in August 1944, the government had issued a decree, officially classifying all Japanese citizens (what’s left of them, mostly women, children, and the elderly, as all young men had already been mobilized) as military combatants and armed them all with bamboo spears.

Here are some contemporary pictures of women and children being armed with bamboo spears and trained to fight the enemies with them.

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