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cast The good news: Delko may be aimlessly wandering the Everglades, but at least he's alive.

That comes as a relief to fans who feared the worst when it was announced that Rodriguez would leave the show this season. "Because of how the season ended, I didn't want to leave it on that note," Rodriguez tells So we discussed making sure that I was participatory in Season 8 so that we could fade the character out the right way and give him a proper exit.

C., and lives in Los Angeles, Her birth date is Oct. Prior to CSI: MIAMI, Emily Procter portrayed Republican attorney Ainsley Hayes in “The West Wing”, Her additional television credits include guest-starring roles on the series “Friends” and “Just Shoot Me”, and a starring role opposite David Schwimmer and Chris Cooper in the movie “Breast Men”.

Procter graduated with degrees in journalism and dance from East Carolina University.

He had just been extradited there for the murder of a man who had killed his bride about a year ago.

Horatio is on some lawman's (I think) property and is told he can know the minute he leaves the premises he's a target, and that does indeed happen immediately.

Check out TV's best male-female crime-fighting duos "But who knows? Let’s face it, we, the humans, watch other humans being human for entertainment. “If I were a Floridian, I would not date either Horatio or Calleigh. It’d be nice to see them at home, with children, trying to balance having a job like this. While fans have mixed feelings about the pairing, it is a step up from some of Calleigh’s previous choices. “Or I thought maybe it’s because it was important that he always have really beautiful girlfriends that got killed.Just back from Rio, where he dealt lethally with the Mala Noche, Horatio pulls all stops again as Calleigh has been kidnapped on the streets, in broad daylight, using chloroform.The MO makes him suspect Ron Saris, whom he therefore hopes the lab can arrest for the murder to discontinue Kyle's case.

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