Convalidating marriage

It also nullifies your privilege to be a godparent for Baptism or be a Confirmation sponsor.In some cases the Baptism of your child may be delayed to address your marriage situation.

Anyhow, I left a phone message for the deacon last Monday, with no response. I'm curious for those who have had their marriage convalidated - what kind of preparation process did you undergo?Those who marry outside the Catholic Church, they can no longer receive the Sacraments. Retroactivity, however, is understood to extend to the moment of the celebration of the marriage unless other provision is expressly made. A radical sanation is not to be granted unless it is probable that the parties wish to persevere in conjugal life.For this reason, many seek to have their marriage convalidated so they can return to the Sacramental life. To convalidate a marriage which is invalid because of a diriment impediment, it is required that the impediment ceases or is dispensed and that at least the party conscious of the impediment renews consent. Ecclesiastical law requires this renewal for the validity of the convalidation even if each party gave consent at the beginning and did not revoke it afterwards. In the eyes of the Catholic Church, a couple who has married outside of the Church, it has entered into an invalid marriage.(Their names and details have been changed for sake of privacy.) I will explain why they did not marry before a priest or deacon, what led them later to seek a convalidation and how that occurs.Tony and Maria began dating when he was a senior in college and she was a senior in high school.

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