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This seemed to work, and at school the following morning, I learned that the John Cena prom was coming up the next day.

Lo and behold, at the prom I ran into Johnny Cena again, as well as his date: Jane Cena.

He suggested we go back to my place for some hot, sweaty… At this point I’d normally say that the story goes “off the rails,” but that kind of implies there were any rails to begin with.

I've tried to play through a couple of times, found two problems.

Early on she says she's hungry so we go to another room and there's an option for a Suggest going out for dinner.

It'll be up to the player to find clues as to their flesh-and-blood versions' fates.

But along the way, you'll develop friendships, or even romantic relationships, with these companions if you wish.

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