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These, and other simple gestures, they say, form the blueprint for the very solid relationship they enjoy; the little things that they hope will help them stay together for the rest of their lives.

David and Tina sound like an elderly couple confiding the secrets of their long and happy marriage, yet they are anything but.

They remained together for at least 15 years, but in 289 CE Constantius, who was Roman Emperor Caesar, divorced Helena to enter into a politically advantageous marriage with a younger woman, Theodora, who was the stepdaugher of Maximian, Roman Emperor Augustus at the time.

Today, as civil divorce becomes more prevalent, St.

Their story mirrors the new hit film It's Complicated, in which a couple played by Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin rediscover passion for each other years after their bitter divorce.

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As such, these guidelines are intended to help show the way, but are not a final arbiter of right and wrong in specific instances of marital discord.

Divorced for seven years, the couple will remarry Feb. As they entered into new terrain of parenthood and professionalism, distance began to build between them.

“Nobody teaches you how to be married,” Bobby said.

“We weren’t turning to God, and we weren’t praying together.” The couple sought marriage mentoring at the time, but rather than working through their wounded relationship together, blame and unforgiveness lingered.

“No one can fix it for you unless you want it to get better,” Bobby said.

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