Did he change his mind dating

What has gotten into your mind that you think his behavior is acceptable or what you deserve?What can you do to change your mind and see him for who he really is, and know that you deserve better than him? How can you love, trust or want to be with someone who treats you like shit, without respect, and does not make you happy? He is still selfish, self-centered, hard to get along with, etc. Well then it is time to stop focusing on him changing his mind and doing what is right for you, and it is time for YOU to change and do what is right by you. Stop using the excuse to stay in a dysfunctional relationship because you are waiting for him to change his mind.But as the infatuation starts to fade and steady love starts to set in, the same gestures you use to decipher love *infatuation* can’t be used anymore, not when love takes a truer and deeper form.Your guy may buy you gifts or indulge in romantic gestures to please you and woo you, and they definitely work!

You search frantically for the man who was 'hot' on you.

Take a deep breath and start to paint your image of the future in a new way, in a happy friendship.

Besides, in a romantic relationship, we should be concerned about their happiness foremost and if they aren’t happy being intimate, it’s your responsibility to completely and utterly honor that.

But every now and then, especially when you’re feeling a little insecure or confused, your mind can’t help but helplessly wonder if he really loves you.

Feeling insecure occasionally is a part of experiencing love.

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