Funny rules dating my son

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Peter Marshall was the host asking the question of course. She has made my bed higher, glues my lids on jars so it's impossible for me to open them. She stands in front of me in the mirror and monopolizes it, looking ridiculous in some of those outfits that look so great on me.Marriage Quotes Marriage Secrets Martha Stewart To Do Medieval Pickups Meeting Bingo Men And Dogs Men Are Happier Men Are Like...Men Bashing Jokes Men's Dress Guide Men or Cookie Dough Microsoft Cars Microsoft Restaurant Mind Benders Modern Love Letters Mommy, Mommy! They have their lives with step-grandparents and step-sibs (although my son never married his fiancee, I considered them married).They say time heals and it has somewhat but memories of my son still bring tears as I MISS HIM DEARLY! Since then my other children have grown up and now have children of their own and since my son Anthony didn't have children I was blessed to have a grandson named after him and he acts so much like him. Love and Miss you, Mom I lost my son in a car accident 3 1/2 years ago. I do find comfort from those who are walking my same path. You are so right, how I wish he could just walk thru that front door and say, "What's for dinner Mom? I loss my only son on 5/11/16 he was 22-yr-old to lung disease, that day I received the ultimate heart break, sometimes I feel like I cant go on without him, he was my life-line, I don't like talking in person to others about my feelings because I am tired of hearing "oh" things will get better or just be strong, sometimes I feel I don't want to be here anymore and other times I feel I am able to cope, I just miss him and wish he was still here with me The time is coming for your angel anniversary son...

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