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) She wears what she wants (including no sleeves) and she looks good doing it. Somehow, when kids learn about the past, like a story--they care more about the present and the future. Some of those questions in news conferences--puh-leeze.She's firm but loving with her kids, and a terrific role model for disadvantaged kids, and god knows she must have a good relationship with her own mother since they'll be living together for four years. When the question is longer than the answer, you've got an ego problem.

(Although I didn't see tomatoes on the garden plan, and certainly not okra!

If you were going to serve as the first lady (first man if you're in Bill Clinton's shoes), what agenda would you push? I'd be early Hilary and put my foot in my mouth about chocolate chip cookies. And then I guess I'd devote myself to encouraging people to consume less and give more back, to make the common good everyone's priority. And we'd have to say, nope, what you see is what you get--and we love it that way! First ladies always take these risky stands - "I'm for children! And they do tend to smell like onion rings.that's okay.

What would be your strong points and your pitfalls?

She declined the offer since she was already working with other projects and she was proud of the unusual way her character had made her exit.

In February 1989, though, she made a brief return as an angel in Heaven.

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