Most intimidating fans

And the owner is Al Davis, so you know he doesn’t give a shit who lives or dies at his place of business.

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They sidestep the subtleties of heckling by dressing like characters from a The Hills Have Eyes/Road Warrior crossover movie.

And then they convince both players and opposing fans that they are going to stab them with a screwdriver, which is a very real threat, because at any given time, 93% of Oakland-Alameda County Stadium attendees have a rap sheet that includes at least one conviction for stabbing someone with a screwdriver.

"From keystone-cop clowns shooting unarmed citizens, to racist clowns burning down Islamic centers or clowns in the NSA spying on us through our cell phones and laptops, America has turned into something far more terrifying than Insane Clown Posse’s Dark Carnival," Violent J wrote in his Time editorial.

Bolshaya Sportivnaya stadium, also known as the Glavnaya Arena, looks like a clear remnant of the Soviet Union and its feel may cause anyone playing there to feel a certain sense of unease.

A perfect example was the effort of the Miami Heat to create a “whiteout” during home playoff games.

Virtually every fan adhered to the all-white dress code, but as a visiting player put it, “That’s not scary, that’s not intimidating.

"As ICP has discovered over the last decade, there's a whole army of scary, terrifying and dangerous clowns out there in this country trying to suppress the rights of thousands of people to exercise the most basic part of the Declaration of Independence, which evokes the freedom to ' Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,' Violent J added. The event begins at the Lincoln Memorial, heads down Constitution Avenue and concludes at the Washington Monument, where the duo and fans will, in Violent J's words, "explain to the world who the fuck we really are." ICP will also stage a free concert for fans at the nearby Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Virginia that weekend.

"The only difference is these clowns don't wear greasepaint."The ICP rapper added that on September 16th, 2017, Insane Clown Posse and Juggalos will march on Washington D.

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