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"I followed him on Instagram, and I thought something he said was really funny," she recalls. And he was like, 'OK, yeah, cool.' Now I have opinions!

"It was a beautiful picture of a snail, and the caption said, 'F**king MOOOOOOOOVE.' It made me laugh out loud, so I texted him." "They paid me too much money, and what I should have done was walk away," she admits.

star since the summer of 2013 -- reveals that she's actually the one that took the initiative at the start of their relationship. But making movies is two solid months of twelve-, fourteen-hour days. And if you make too many bad decisions in a row, people don't come knocking anymore." "I was just saying a bunch of f**ks and stuff," she laughs, talking about reshoots for the film.

Amanda recalls hitting on him through his Instagram account, though the two actually met through mutual friends a couple years earlier. "Seth gave me a note yesterday and I didn’t really agree with it, and it’s just so nice to have an opinion about it.

In fact, many of the show's viewers are probably thanking her -- as it was revealed the audience skews 40% female. If you look at 'Game of Thrones' on face value — blood, tits, dragons, swearwords — you’re like, 'Oh, this must be for guys.' But if you take that away, the story lines are fascinating depictions of the struggle for power.

And women are in on that conversation." The 29-year-old actress also briefly opens up about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Seth Mac Farlane, who she dated from 2012-2013, and what it's like dating in the public eye.

This talented (IMO), famous, rich, successful guy doubts himself on a regular basis? Macfarlane is just as doubtful and afraid to fail as the rest of us schmoes. There are good, honest people who work their asses off and don't reach nearly as much success as this person does. What she's talking about is her experience during the production and then the promotion of the 2008 action film she starred in with Mark Wahlberg. She's wearing shorts and a T-shirt and very little makeup. I went, "Great." It was the first time that I had someone on the phone tell me that I will never work in this industry again. " And they say, "I didn't eat chocolate," and you say, "But you have it on your face." It was worse than that. "People are assholes and people lie," says Mila Kunis on a lovely Wednesday morning in a café in the Hollywood Hills. She squinted and slowly moved her head from side to side in a way that only means ... This guy started to give me advice: 'Can I get a selfie?And by the way…' Unh-unh, bro." These days she says she's "just chilling" when it comes to her love life, adding "I've got a good thing going." Check out the full interview over at Glamour.

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