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Because the tax consequences of distributions depend on the shareholder’s basis, it is important to keep up with changes in the shareholder’s basis over time.

A shareholder’s basis in his S corporation stock is increased by the share of the S corporation income that is passed through to the shareholder.

A liquidating distribution ends the partner's interest in the partnership and is done with one or a series of distributions. An outside basis is the partner's basis in the interest and the inside basis is the partner's basis in assets.

Nonliquidating corporate distributions are distributions of cash and/or property by a continuing corporation to its shareholders.

The E&P accounts of May and June are ,000 and ,000, respectively.

The result would be that A) John has sold his stock and reports a capital gain or loss.

However, the shareholders agree that does not care which tract of land he receives in redemption of his stock because he plans to sell the land immediately. Unfortunately, a corporation cannot recognize a tax loss on a nonliquidating distribution of depreciated property (i.e., where the property’s FMV is less than the adjusted basis).

The other shareholders feel that the tracts will appreciate at about the same rate, so they are willing to distribute any of the tracts. ’s shares would be redeemed, and because he is unrelated to the remaining shareholders, the redemption would qualify for stock sale (capital gain) treatment as a complete termination of a shareholder’s interest under Sec. A corporation is generally allowed to recognize tax losses when depreciated property is distributed to shareholders in complete liquidation of the corporation (Sec. cannot deduct a loss on a nonliquidating distribution of depreciated property.

Circle redeems 450 shares owned by Dennis for ,000 in complete redemption of Dennis’s interest. When the redemption is made, Circle Corporation has 0,000 of current and accumulated E&P and paid-in capital of ,000. A) The distribution of preferred stock as a stock dividend will result in income or a taxable gain being recognized by the shareholder on the date of the distribution if the stock is Sec. B) Corporations without E&P can distribute preferred stock as a stock dividend that is Sec. C) Two corporations are considered to be brother-sister corporations for purposes of the Sec.Conversely, if it distributes appreciated property it must recognize gain as if it had sold the property to the shareholder for its FMV. Because the income of S corporations is taxed to the owners when the income is earned, a mechanism is needed to ensure that the shareholder is not taxed again when the earnings are distributed.first to any unrealized receivables (as defined in section 751(c)) and inventory items (as defined in section 751(d)) in an amount equal to the adjusted basis of each such property to the partnership, and if the basis to be allocated is less than the sum of the adjusted bases of such properties to the partnership, then, to the extent any decrease is required in order to have the adjusted bases of such properties equal the basis to be allocated, in the manner provided in paragraph (3), and then, to the extent any increase or decrease in basis is required in order to have the adjusted bases of such other distributed properties equal such remaining basis, in the manner provided in paragraph (2) or (3), whichever is appropriate. More limitations on accuracy are described at the GPO site.first to properties with unrealized appreciation in proportion to their respective amounts of unrealized appreciation before such increase (but only to the extent of each property’s unrealized appreciation), and first to properties with unrealized depreciation in proportion to their respective amounts of unrealized depreciation before such decrease (but only to the extent of each property’s unrealized depreciation), and For purposes of subsections (a), (b), and (c), a partner who acquired all or a part of his interest by a transfer with respect to which the election provided in section 754 is not in effect, and to whom a distribution of property (other than money) is made with respect to the transferred interest within 2 years after such transfer, may elect, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary, to treat as the adjusted partnership basis of such property the adjusted basis such property would have if the adjustment provided in section 743(b) were in effect with respect to the partnership property.

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